How to Fax your Tax Forms to the IRS

It’s that crazy time of year again for millions of U.S. citizens to file their taxes with the IRS. If you’ve always filed paper taxes, or you’re currently residing overseas, you may be required to fax your tax forms. Although there are likely to be fax services near you, the most efficient, safe and simple way is to send your tax forms to the IRS with Faxaroo.

Faxaroo’s easy online self-service portal means you can send a fax to an IRS fax number in minutes, without waiting in line for a fax machine to be available or driving to your closest  Staples, FedEx, UPS or Office Depot stores.

As filing your tax is critical, we know that you need a reliable and secure way to fax your tax forms to the IRS. Although physical fax machines are more secure than sending your fax to the IRS via email, you will not receive a confirmation of successful delivery and know that your tax forms have been safely received. Other online fax services may also be unencrypted, require you to sign up for a plan and have unknown fees that end up costing you extra.  

With no hidden fees, no subscriptions and no lock-in contracts, Faxaroo’s simple pay-as-you-go online faxing solution means you know exactly how much it will cost to send a fax via Faxaroo. Learn more about the benefits of Faxaroo, how to fax your tax forms to the IRS and the correct IRS fax numbers below. 


List of IRS Forms and IRS Fax Numbers

IRS Form 8918

This form assists taxpayers in reporting their participation in 'reportable transactions,' which are transactions that the IRS has identified as having the potential to evade tax obligations.

You can file this using this IRS fax number 1-844-253-5607

Learn more about Form 8918


IRS Form 8806

This form is for business owners who would like to engage in mergers or acquisitions.

When a change of ownership happens, business owners have to submit this form and it should be filed within a 45-day window from the moment control is acquired or a substantial shift in capital structure takes place.

To submit this form, it can only be sent through fax, using this designated IRS fax number 1-844-249-6232.

Learn more about Form 8806


IRS Form 8023

This form is used when corporations need to transfer assets or stock from one corporate entity to another within the context of tax-free reorganization.  

To streamline the process, corporations filing Form 8023 can make use of the designated IRS fax number, which is 844-253-9765

Learn more about form 8023 


IRS Form 8886

Much like Form 8918, Form 8886 is utilized by organizations to report transactions that have the potential to result in tax avoidance or evasion.  

Form 8886 is also referred to as the Reportable Transaction Disclosure Statement (RTDS).  

To submit your Form 8886 to the IRS, you can fax it to 844-253-2553. If you need to submit more than one Form 8886 the IRS request that these are sent as individual faxes.

Learn more about Form 8886 


IRS Form 2553

This form is known as the "Election by a Small Business Corporation," and is used by U.S. small business owners to elect for a "S" corporation tax status.

Select the IRS fax number for your state:  

855-887-7734 — Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, etc.  

855-214-7520 — Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, etc.

Explore S Corporation IRS Forms


IRS Form 637

This is used by Individuals to register with the IRS when they wish to participate in specific excise tax-related activities. Excise taxes are for alcohol, fuel, firearms, some luxury items and tobacco.

Send your fax to 855-887-7735.

Learn more about Form 637 


IRS Form 8962

This one is for those who bought health insurance and got financial aid via premium tax credits.

You can send it by fax at 1-855-204-5020

Learn about Form 8962 


IRS Form SS-4  

This form is used to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS.

You may fax it through the following IRS fax numbers for Form SS-4:

If your business, office, or legal residence (for individuals) is in one of the 50 states or the District of Columbia: 855-641-6935.

If you don't have a legal residence, place of business, or principal office in any state:

855-215-1627 (for those in the US)

304-707-9471 (for those outside the US)

Explore all instructions for Form SS-4 


IRS Form 1040

You cannot send this form directly to the IRS via fax. However, you have the option to fax it to your accountant, who can subsequently submit it on your behalf through either postal mail or online filing.

Form 1040 is the document individuals use to submit their federal income tax return to the IRS. It's used to disclose total earnings from the previous year, determine the taxable portion of that income after factoring in tax credits and deductions, and compute the tax liability or refund.


IRS Form 2848

Use Form 2848 to grant permission for a qualified person to act as your representative in dealings with the IRS. This authorized individual must meet the eligibility criteria to practice before the IRS.

Consider filing Form 2848, Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative through fax.  

Form 2848 can be used to authorize someone to represent you before the IRS.  

Explore instructions for Form 2848 


IRS Form 8809

This form is designed for requesting additional time to complete the filing of the following forms:

  • W-2, W-2G,
  • 1042-S,
  • 1094-C, 1095,
  • 1097, 1098, 1099,
  • 3921, 3922,
  • 5498, and
  • 8027.

You may send it through these IRS fax numbers - 877-477-0572 (within the US) and 304-579-4105 (outside the US).

Learn more about Form 8809  


IRS Form 3115

Submit this document to seek a modification in either:

  • The general accounting method.
  • The accounting handling of any specific item.

The IRS accepts the duplicate copy of Form 3115 applications via fax to 844-249-8134.

Learn more about Form 3115


IRS Form 8233

Non-resident alien individuals use this form to assert their right to be excused from having taxes withheld on their compensation for personal services, either due to an income tax treaty or meeting the personal exemption amount.

You can send your fax to: 267-941-1365  

Learn more about Form 8233


IRS Form 8850

Employers use Form 8850 to conduct an initial evaluation and to formally request their state workforce agency (SWA) to endorse an individual's eligibility as a member of a specific targeted group, enabling them to qualify for the work opportunity credit.

Form 8850 fax numbers are available here


IRS Form 8505

Form 8505 can be submitted by fax if the filer is likely to experience hardship if filed electronically. A waiver can be faxed to the numbers below. Request the waiver by fax (preferred method) to: 877-477-0572 (within the US) or 304-579-4105 (outside of the US).

Learn more about form 8505



The Benefits of Using Faxaroo

Availability – easily send a fax at anytime, anywhere, on any device with an internet connection.

Verification – receive verification of successful fax delivery. Print or save your confirmation for future reference.

Security – faxes are encrypted and processed via TLS encryption for ultimate security, so you gain peace of mind when sending a fax through Faxaroo. Faxes are also automatically deleted from Faxaroo’s system once they’ve been sent.

Compatibility – Faxaroo supports multiple file formats including PDF, PNG, GIF, JPEG.

Environmental friendliness – support the environment and reduce your carbon footprint by using a paperless faxing solution to send your forms to the IRS with no paper, ink, toner or greenhouse gas emissions.

Portability – whether you’re at home, at the office or on-the-go, you can send a fax to an IRS fax number no matter where you are through the browser-based secure online portal.

Speed – a simple 3-step process means you can have your documents uploaded, payment processed and fax sent to the IRS within minutes

Reliability – no busy signals for superior reliability for every time you send a fax with Faxaroo.

Reach – send a fax no matter where you’re located around the world, including within the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan and Australia.

Cost – Faxaroo’s competitive pricing means it’s the cheapest way to fax your tax documents to the IRS. Sending a fax to any IRS fax number costs only USD $2 for the first page and USD $1.50 for each additional page. 


How to Fax your Tax Forms via Faxaroo 3 Easy Steps

Filing your taxes with the IRS is easy with Faxaroo. 

1. Upload your fax document to Faxaroo’s secure web portal by selecting the document from your device or using our easy drop and drag feature. Faxaroo supports multiple file formats including PDF, PNG, GIF and JPEG, so you can simply save your tax forms as a document and send a fax to the IRS without worrying about incompatibility issues.


2. From the drop-down menu, select the USA and enter the correct IRS fax number for your tax form. Be sure to include the area code followed by the fax number to ensure the fax is sent successfully. We’ve compiled a list of IRS fax numbers for your convenience below.


3.Select your payment method.  Once you’ve entered the correct fax number, the final step is to confirm payment. Faxaroo accepts payment via Visa or Mastercard. You’ll only be charged per page sent. 


Once you’ve entered your payment details and reviewed your fax, hit send and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll receive an automated email confirmation once your fax has been sent successfully.   



IRS Fax Numbers


IRS Form Number 




IRS Fax Number 


Form 8918 


Reportable Transaction Disclosure Statement 




Form 8806 


Information Return for Acquisition of Control 




Form 8023 


Tax-Free Reorganization 




Form 8886 


Reportable Transaction Disclosure Statement (RTDS) 




Form 2553 


Election by a Small Business Corporation 


855-887-7734 (CT, DE, DC, GA, etc.) 

855-214-7520 (AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, FL, etc.) 


Form 637 


Application for Registration (Excise Tax) 




Form 8962 


Premium Tax Credit 




Form SS-4 


Application for Employer Identification Number (EIN) 


855-641-6935 (within the US) 

304-707-9471 (outside the US) 


Form 1040 


Individual Tax Return 


Cannot be faxed directly to IRS. It can only be faxed to your accountant who can file on your behalf.  


Form 2848 


Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative 


Fax numbers available at -


Form 8809 


Request for Extension of Time to Furnish Statements to Recipients 


877-477-0572 (within the US) 

304-579-4105 (outside the US) 


Form 3115 


Application for Change in Accounting Method 




Form 8233 


Exemption From Withholding on Compensation for Non-resident Alien 




Form 8850 


Pre-Screening Notice and Certification Request for Credits 


Form 8505 


Request for Electronic Filing Waiver (for those facing hardship) 


877-477-0572 (within the US) 

304-579-4105 (outside the US) 

IRS fax numbers sourced from the IRS website




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