How to Send a Fax to Australia

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Quick Guide to Australian Fax Numbers

To send a fax to Australia you will need to understand how to use the Australian fax number format.  You will need to enter the Australian country code +61 followed by the area code and local fax number. Faxaroo automatically populates the country code for Australia +61 when you select Australia as the fax number country. All you may need to find is the area code, which is usually a single digit specific to the region/state. In general, local fax numbers in Australia consist of 8 digits. The combination of area code and local number results in a total of 9 digits. 


Australian Fax Number FormatAustralian Fax Number Code
Australian Country Code 61 
Australian Area Code 1 digit 
Australian Local Number 8 digits 
Fax number format +61 – Area Code – Local Number 
Total Digits (Area Code + Local Number) 9 digits 


What are 13/ 1300 and 1800 fax numbers?

In Australia, 13, 1300 and 1800 are considered toll free fax numbers and often used as a business fax number to provide customers with a cost effective fax option when sending locally within Australia.  If you need to send a fax to a 13/1300 or 1800 number, this could be the main fax number for the business or organisation. It’s best practice to include a fax coversheet when sending a fax to Australia to ensure it reaches the correct department.  


Types of Documents to Fax in Australia

  • Employment forms
  • Financial statements
  • Proof of study
  • Medical reports
  • Accommodation documents such as rent certificates
  • Legal letters
  • Court documents 

When seeking a one-time fax service in the USA, options like FedEx or Office Depot fax are available. However, visiting a physical store may not be viable or convenient.  

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How to Send a Fax to Australia Using Faxaroo in 3 Easy Steps

1. Upload your fax document to our secure web portal by selecting the document from your device or using our easy drop and drag feature. Faxaroo supports PDF, PNG, GIF and JPEG – so you can easily take a photo of the document using your mobile phone and upload it to Faxaroo within seconds!


2. From the drop-down menu, select Australia  and enter the recipient’s fax number. Be sure to include the area code followed by the fax number. We’ve compiled a list of Australian area codes by state/territory for your convenience, which can be found at the bottom of this blog.


3. Select your payment method. Once you’ve entered the recipient’s fax number, the final step is to confirm payment. Faxaroo accepts payment via Visa or Mastercard. You’ll only be charged per page sent. When sending a fax internationally to Australia, it costs USD $2 for the first page and USD $1.50 for every page thereafter.


Once you’ve entered your payment details, hit send and we’ll take care of the rest!



Advantages of Using Faxaroo to Send Fax to Australia

Convenience: Faxaroo offers the advantage of sending faxes from anywhere, at any time, and at the user's convenience.

Budget-Friendly: Sending a fax to Australia from the USA is the best alternative to using a physical fax machine, with a low cost of USD $2 for the first page and USD $1.50 for each additional page.

Volume Flexibility: Users can send up to 500 fax pages per fax, providing flexibility for those with larger faxing needs.

Pay-as-You-Go: Faxaroo operates on a pay-as-you-go payment model, eliminating the need for users to sign up or create an account. Users only pay for the specific pages they send.

No Location Constraints: Online faxing with Faxaroo eliminates the need to search for a physical "fax service near me." If you send a fax to Australia you can be anywhere in the world when send your fax.  

Fax Confirmation: After successfully delivering a fax to Australia, Faxaroo sends confirmation to the user's email address, providing assurance and documentation of the transmission.   



Australian Area Codes for Faxing

State/TerritoryArea CodeDialling Code
Queensland7+61 7
New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory2+61 2
Victoria and Tasmania3+61 3
Western Australia, South Australia and Northern Territory8+61 8 


Free Fax Services Australia

There are a number of free fax services online but most of the time, these fax for free options only allow free faxing to local numbers. To send international faxes it’s best to search for fax service that is transparent with their fax prices. Faxaroo can help you send fax not just to Australia but also to the USA, Canada, Japan and Germany from $2 for your first page. Put an end to searching for a fax service near me and start faxing to Australia straight away with Faxaroo



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