How to Fax from iPad

Need a fast, easy online one-time fax service but you want to fax from iPad? 

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Even though modern communication methods such as messenger apps and email are readily available, there will be occasions when you need to send confidential documents through fax using an iPad. In these situations, you have the option to send your fax with a traditional fax machine or through online fax services like Faxaroo.  

Faxaroo is the best alternative to the fax machine, you can send a one-time fax without signing up or creating an account. It’s as easy as jumping on your iPad, navigating to the fax sending page and uploading your document to our self-service portal. Our pay-as-you-go fax service means you can send a one-time fax whenever you need at the lowest price around. You can fax documents to multiple countries around the world on the go from your iPad. We’ll send you an automatic email confirmation once your one-time fax has been successfully sent.


With no fax number or fax machine required, sending a fax on iPad using Faxaroo not only saves you time and money but also helps to save the environment with no paper or ink used in the faxing process. If you need to fax using your iPad, Faxaroo provides the convenience of fax sending anytime of day as long as you have a wifi connection.

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Can You Fax from an iPad?

Yes, you can now fax from an iPad or any Internet-enabled tablet using Faxaroo. In contrast to the conventional fax machine, online faxing provides the advantage of sending documents without the need for printing and scanning. Additionally, you have the flexibility to fax PDF from iPad and other file types from any device wherever you are in the world.  


Why Fax From iPad Over a Traditional Fax Machine?

Sending a fax from an iPad offers significantly more convenience compared to a traditional fax machine. It is also space-efficient, eliminating the need to allocate a dedicated area for printing and faxing. The flexibility to fax from any location, including during business trips, adds to its appeal.

When you fax from an iPad you can directly upload documents to Faxaroo’s self service portal. Take a photo with your iPad and upload or select a file in your iPad to fax.  

With Faxaroo, you can:

  • Send faxes to any fax number in Australia, Germany, Canada, Japan and the United States.,
  • Monitor fax sending through email notifications.
  • Easily send faxes from any location using your iPad
  • Only pay per fax page, eliminating the need for signing up to a fax plan.
  • Send multiple fax document formats.
  • You don't need an app to fax from iPad, access Faxaroo's browser-based platform with no software installations or downloads required.



How to Fax your Documents via Faxaroo from an iPad in 3 Easy Steps 

1. Upload your fax document. You can access the Faxaroo app to fax from iPad from your browser, just input on the address bar.  Our secure web portal will ask you to select the document from your files or photos folder. Faxaroo also allows you to fax PDF from iPad, as well as other file types such as PNG, GIF and JPEG – so you can easily take a photo of the document using your iPad and upload it to Faxaroo within seconds! 


2. Enter the fax number. Be sure to include the area code followed by the fax number.


3. Select your payment method. Once you’ve entered the fax number, the final step is to confirm payment. Faxaroo accepts payment via Visa or Mastercard. You’ll only be charged per page sent, USD $2 for the first page and USD $1.50 for every page thereafter. 


Once you’ve entered your payment details, hit send and we’ll take care of the rest! You’ll receive an email confirmation once your form has been sent successfully.   



Advantages of Using Faxaroo to Send Fax from iPad

Convenience: Faxaroo offers the advantage of sending faxes from anywhere, at any time, and at the user's convenience.

Budget-Friendly: Sending a fax to Australia, USA, Germany, Canada or Japan is a cost-effective alternative to using a physical fax machine, with a low cost of USD $2 for the first page and USD $1.50 for each additional page.

Volume Flexibility: Users can send up to 500 fax pages per fax, providing flexibility for those with larger faxing needs.

Fax Confirmation: After successfully delivering a fax from an iPad, Faxaroo sends confirmation to the user's email address, so you know the fax has been sent successfully.

Pay-as-You-Go: Faxaroo operates on a pay-as-you-go payment model, eliminating the need for users to sign up or create an account. Users pay per fax sent, nothing more.


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