The Best Faxing Alternative to Office Depot Fax

Have you ever needed to send a one-off fax, but unsure where to go? After conducting a quick Google search for “fax services near me”, you’ll most likely find several stores near you that offer fax machine services across the United States, including Staples, UPS and Office Depot.

You can go into any Office Depot store to send a fax using their self-service fax machines. However, Office Depot’s fax services are limited, expensive and inefficient – especially since you are required to go into the Office Depot in-person to send a fax. So when you’re in a hurry, working from home or stuck at the office – you need a better alternative to Office Depot fax. One that allows you to conveniently send a fax from anywhere on any device.  

Faxaroo – the easiest way to bounce off a fax. With no accounts needed, sending a fax via Faxaroo is as easy as uploading your fax document to our self-service portal and we’ll handle the rest. Learn more about the benefits of Faxaroo below and why Faxaroo is the best faxing alternative to Office Depot fax. 


Faxaroo vs Office Depot Fax: The Benefits

Sending a fax via Office Depot fax means you’ll need to bring a hardcopy of the fax document with you to the Office Depot store or have the fax document saved digitally on a flash drive/USB. This is an extremely inefficient and unsecure process due to its manual data handling and limitations to being able to send a fax quickly and at any time you need. You’ll also have to search for an Office Depot fax machine near you and send a fax using a traditional fax machine that only accepts certain document formats.

There are no limitations when sending a fax with Faxaroo, with its efficient self-service portal and compatibility with any internet-enabled device including desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Faxaroo supports multiple file formats (PDF, PNG, GIF and JPEG) so you can easily send a fax in whatever format you need. Eliminate manual processes such as scanning and printing at Office Depot fax by instead taking a photo of the document you need to fax with your smartphone and uploading it directly to Faxaroo’s self-service portal.


If you send a fax at Office Depot fax, there’s no verification of successful fax delivery, so you’ll never know if the recipient has received to fax unless you contact them directly to find out. With their peer-to-peer connection, fax machines are more secure than sending sensitive data via email, however, data is not encrypted and can be easily intercepted without proper security measures in place. That’s why sending sensitive data such as government, finance or legal documents via a traditional fax machine can compromise the information and may never land in your recipient’s hands.

Gain peace of mind when sending a fax with Faxaroo that your documents are always secure. Any documents sent through Faxaroo are processed over TLS encryption and securely deleted immediately after transmission. Unlike Office Depot fax, you’ll always know when your document has been faxed successfully.


It’s impossible for you to send a fax at Office Depot outside store hours, with most Office Depot stores around the country open from just 9am to 8pm. If you need to send off a one-time fax to meet a deadline or send a fax to an international fax number during the night, being unable to access an Office Depot fax machines makes this inconvenient without 24/7 availability.

By providing you with an around-the-clock online fax service, you can easily send a fax from anywhere at any time through Faxaroo. Ensure your critical communications are always sent on time, whether it’s an 11pm or 3am deadline – Faxaroo has you covered. Simply jump on your desired internet-enabled device and send a fax online hassle-free.


Sending a fax via Office Depot fax is expensive compared to Faxaroo. Although it may only cost US $1 to $2 per page to send a fax to a local fax number, if you need to send a fax long-distance or to an international fax number, the costs increase exponentially and are not sustainable if you need to send a multiple-page document.

Faxaroo’s simple pay-as-you-go pricing means it’s the best alternative to Office Depot fax service. With no hidden fees, no subscriptions or lock-in contracts, you only pay per page sent – no matter where you send it. With Faxaroo, you can send a fax to any fax numbers across the United States and internationally to Canada, Germany, Japan and Australia.


Environmental Impact

Fax machines, being a paper-based manual messaging medium, negatively impact the environment due to their paper consumption, electricity use, noise pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. By sending a fax from a fax machine at Office Depot, you’re contributing to this environmental impact, when there are far better alternatives such as faxing online with Faxaroo.

By sending a fax online using Faxaroo, you’re helping to preserve our trees, assist our wildlife and averting the potential dangers of global warming that come from high carbon emissions.


Office Depot Fax Service Cost


How much does it cost to send a fax at Office Depot?  


First Page  


Additional Pages  


Cost to send a fax locally from Office Depot  


USD $1.49 


USD $1.29  


Cost to send a fax long-distance from Office Depot  


USD $1.99  


USD $1.79  


Cost to send a fax internationally from Office Depot  


USD $7.99  


USD $3.99  


Cost to send a fax anywhere with Faxaroo


USD $2  


USD $1.50 


How to Send a Fax with Faxaroo

Sending a fax online with Faxaroo is easy.    

1. Upload your fax document to Faxaroo’s secure web portal by selecting the document from your device or using our easy drop and drag feature.


2. From the drop-down menu, select the country you wish to send a fax to and enter the recipient’s fax number. Be sure to include the area code followed by the fax number to ensure the fax is sent successfully.


3. Select your payment method. Once you’ve entered the recipient’s fax number, the final step is to confirm payment. Faxaroo accepts payment via Visa or Mastercard. You’ll only be charged per page sent.   


Once you’ve entered your payment details, hit send and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll receive an automated email confirmation once your fax has been sent successfully.  


Send a Fax Online Now Through the Best Office Depot Fax Alternative

Send a fax online with Faxaroo today and avoid the expensive, inefficient Office Depot fax machines.  

Secure. Reliable. Easy-to-use.