Faxaroo: The Best Alternative to a Free Fax Service

When you need to send a fax to the IRS or Social Security or to any other fax number that contains sensitive data or personal information, you need a secure and reliable online fax service. One that you can trust to ensure your data is delivered successfully without being vulnerable to any cyber-attacks or security breaches.  

If you complete a quick Google search for “free fax service”, you’ll find providers offering ways to send a free fax online within the U.S. However, many of these free fax services provide no security, no confirmation of delivery, may require an account (with hidden fees) and may be very difficult to navigate.

Your other option is to search on Google for a “fax service near me” and you’ll find that your local Staples, FedEx, UPS or Office Depot stores offer fax machine services. However, their pricing is expensive, their fax machines immobile, unsecure and unreliable.

So what’s the best alternative to a free fax service? What online fax service provides you with a cost-effective, secure and reliable way to send a fax online? Look no further than Faxaroo, the easiest way to bounce off a fax.  

Why is Faxaroo the Best Alternative to a Free Fax Service?






Free online fax service 




All faxes are encrypted and processed via TLS encryption for ultimate security, so you gain peace of mind when sending a fax via Faxaroo. Faxes are also automatically deleted from our system once they’ve been sent. 


Many free fax services do not have any security measures in place to protect sensitive information. Your data is therefore vulnerable and at risk of being intercepted by cyber criminals. 




Faxaroo provides you with a verification email once your fax has been sent. Easily print or save the confirmation for future reference. 


When you send a free fax online, there is no guarantee that the free fax service is reliable and will provide you with a verification once the fax has been sent. Your recipient may never receive the fax. 




Faxaroo's self-service portal is simple and easy to use. You can upload your document and send a fax within minutes 


The free fax services available are clunky and not user-friendly. Would you trust a system with your sensitive data that looks like it was built in the 80s? We wouldn’t. 




Faxaroo supports multiple file formats including PDF, PNG, GIF and JPEG. 


Free online fax services may have limited compatibility and accept only one file format. 




With Faxaroo, you can send a fax online to any fax numbers within the U.S. and also internationally to Australia, Canada, Germany and Japan. 


Free online fax services may only be available in certain countries, which many mean you will be unable to send a fax to any international fax number. 




No account, sign-ups, subscriptions or plans. 


Even though they may advertise as a free online fax service, they may still require you to sign up for an account or attach a credit card and charge hidden fees. 




Whether you’re at home, at the office or on-the-go, you can send a fax via Faxaroo from any device. Faxaroo is compatible with mobile, tablet, desktop and computer. 


Looking to send a fax from your phone? Look again. Many free online fax services are only accessible on your desktop or computer. 


How to Send a Fax with Faxaroo

Sending a fax online with Faxaroo is as easy as 1.2.3!  

1. Upload your fax document to Faxaroo’s self-service portal by selecting the document from your device or using our easy drop and drag feature. Faxaroo allows for files up to 10mb and 500 pages. Due to its multiple file compatibility, you can easily take a photo of your document with your mobile device and upload the image straight to the self-service portal. 


2. From the drop-down menu, select the country you wish to send a fax to and enter the recipient’s fax number. Be sure to include the area code followed by the fax number to ensure the fax is sent successfully. Faxaroo makes it easy to send a fax internationally.


3.Select your payment method. Once you’ve entered the recipient’s fax number, the final step is to confirm payment. Faxaroo accepts payment via Visa or Mastercard. You’ll only be charged per page sent.  Faxaroo’s competitive pay-as-you-go pricing means you’ll find no better alternative. Pay just USD $2 for the first page and USD $1.50 for each additional page for faxes sent to fax numbers within the USA, and USD $2 for the first page and USD $1.50 for faxes sent to fax numbers outside of the USA.


Once you’ve entered your payment details, hit send and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll receive an automated email confirmation once your efax has been sent successfully.


Send a Fax Online Now Through the Best Alternative to a Free Fax Service

Don’t risk your sensitive data getting lost or being exposed online through a free fax service. Easily send a fax through the best alternative today with Faxaroo.


Secure. Reliable. Easy-to-use.