The Benefits of Pay-as-you-go Online Faxing

Pay-as-you-go Faxing: The Benefits

Does Centrelink need you to fax in some paperwork? Maybe your broker is requesting evidence and legal documents to be supplied for your home loan application?

Sometimes you just need to send a fax. The odds are, however, that you don’t have a fax machine. At this point, you may be searching on Google to find the cheapest online fax service. However, it’s confusing when you type in ‘send a fax online’ and sign up for an account, upload your documents and get to the final stage before sending – only to realise they require you to sign up for a subscription to be able to use their service.

This is where pay as you go faxing comes to the rescue. Never heard of this term before? We go over the benefits in our blog below and help you understand why it’s your best choice to send a fax online, whatever your reason, whenever you need.


What is Pay-as-you-go?

Pay as you go (or PAYG) is defined by the Collins Dictionary as ‘a system in which a person or organisation pays for the costs of something when they occur, rather than before or afterwards.’ Put simply, it’s a type of payment method that allows you to only pay for what you need when you need it.
A PAYG online fax service like Faxaroo provides you with the ability to send a fax by only paying for the pages you send. Many businesses offering online fax services require you to make an account and won’t allow you to send a fax unless you sign up for a subscription.



What are the Benefits of a Pay-as-you-go Online Faxing Service?

Low Cost

When you sign up for an online fax subscription, you may be paying upwards of $10 per month. Subscriptions are generally aimed at small businesses or large organisations that send faxes on a regular basis. Pay as you go faxing is a low-cost alternative, allowing you to pay a once-off fee for the number of pages you need to send.

No Recurring Payments

Subscription-based online fax services are generally paid for every month. This means you must pay a recurring monthly payment. With a pay as you go faxing method, you only need to pay at the time you wish to send a fax.

No Accounts

Stop signing up for accounts you’ll never use again. Use Faxaroo’s easy self-service portal to send a once-off fax without an account or subscription.

Fast and Simple

No need to go through a complicated and lengthy process to send a fax. With Faxaroo, you can send a fax the fast and simple way by uploading your document, entering the receiver’s fax number and submitting your payment details. Send a fax in a matter of seconds, rather than minutes.


What if I need an online fax subscription?

If you or your organisation use fax for everyday communication and are exploring online fax options, our partner brand, Notifyre, has you covered. Head on over to their website to learn more about the solutions they offer for organisations both big and small.


Faxaroo: Australia’s #1 Pay-as-you-go Online Fax Service

Looking for a one-time pay-per-use online fax service? Look no further than Faxaroo. Stop paying for unnecessary subscriptions and start paying just for what you need. Send a fax today.


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