What Types of Documents Can You Send Through an Online Fax Service?

The Ultimate Guide to Faxing Documents Online

These days, hackers are ever more cunning, and our personal data is increasingly at risk. Think about it, sending documents via text or email might seem convenient, but it opens the door for hackers to swoop in and compromise our data. That's why online fax usage is on the rise, it offers a more secure and convenient way of sending information. So, if you're wondering how to keep your personal information safe, look no further than online faxing.

In 2024, using clunky fax machines and endless paper trails is slowly going away and today, online faxing with services like Faxaroo, is the way to go. It's quick, it's efficient, and most importantly, it's secure. With just a few clicks, you can send your documents from the comfort of your computer, tablet or smartphone, without ever having to worry about them falling into the wrong hands.

And speaking of documents, let's dive into the types of everyday files people are faxing online.  From financial forms to insurance claims, online faxing has got you covered. 


Types of Documents Faxed Online

1. Faxing Home Loan Documents to a Lender

With housing loan commitments at historic highs, signing numerous documents is inevitable.

Online faxing simplifies this process by eliminating the need for printing, signing, and scanning. Faxaroo facilitates seamless transmission, saving time and effort.


2. Casting an Overseas Vote Through Online Fax

In an increasingly globalised world, millions live abroad and are required to vote.

Faxaroo offers a convenient solution, allowing expatriates to cast their votes hassle-free without locating physical fax machines.


3. Faxing Confidential Documents to the Government

Government agencies often mandate faxing for confidential documents.

Online fax services like Faxaroo expedite the process, enabling secure transmission of employment forms, financial statements, medical reports, and more. Some of these forms are:

  • Employment forms,
  • Financial statements,
  • Proof of study,
  • Medical reports,
  • Accommodation documents such as rent certificates, or
  • Legal letters and documents


4. Registering Your Pet Through Online Fax

Pet registration traditionally involves paperwork and mailing.

Faxaroo simplifies this by allowing pet owners to submit registration forms online, ensuring swift processing by local councils.


5. Submitting Insurance Claims and Documentation

When filing insurance claims, timely submission of paperwork is crucial.

Online fax services offer a convenient way to transmit insurance-related documents such as claim forms, receipts, and medical reports directly to insurance providers, expediting the claims process.

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6. Sending Legal Contracts and Agreements

Legal transactions often require the exchange of signed contracts and agreements.

Online faxing ensures the swift and secure transmission of legal documents, including contracts, lease agreements, and legal notices, facilitating seamless communication between parties. Not only that, faxing online remains to be legally binding in Australia.


7. Transmitting Medical Records and Prescriptions

Healthcare providers frequently need access to patient records and prescriptions for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Online fax services enable the transmission of medical documents, including patient records, test results, and prescriptions, ensuring healthcare professionals have timely access to essential information.


8. Processing Financial Documents for Business Transactions

Businesses regularly engage in financial transactions that need the exchange of documents such as invoices, purchase orders, and receipts.

Online faxing streamlines the transfer of financial documents, enabling businesses to send and receive critical paperwork related to transactions, payments, and accounting processes.


9. Sharing Academic Transcripts and Enrollment Forms

Educational institutions often require students to submit academic transcripts, enrollment forms, and other administrative documents.

Online fax services offer a convenient way for students to transmit academic records and enrollment paperwork to universities and colleges, ensuring timely processing of admissions and registrations.


10. Faxing Passport

When applying for passports or visa processing, the submission of passport copies is often required.

Online faxing with Faxaroo provides a secure method for individuals to transmit passport copies to relevant authorities for verification purposes.


11. Faxing Driver's License

Similarly, for various administrative processes or identity verifications, faxing copies of driver's licenses may be necessary.

Online faxing with Faxaroo facilitates the transmission of driver's license copies securely and efficiently.


12. Faxing Birth Certificate

Birth certificates are essential for various official procedures, including applications for government services or legal matters.

Online fax services, like Faxaroo, offer a convenient way to transmit copies of birth certificates, ensuring quick and reliable delivery to the required entities.


13. Faxing Death Certificate

In cases involving legal matters or estate management, faxing copies of death certificates may be required.

Online faxing like Faxaroo enables the secure transmission of death certificate copies to relevant parties, facilitating necessary procedures with ease.


14. Faxing Verified Proof of Identity Documents

Identity verification processes often require the submission of verified proof of identity documents, such as government-issued IDs or other official documents.

Online faxing with Faxaroo provides a reliable method for individuals to transmit copies of verified proof of identity documents securely, meeting the requirements of various institutions and organizations.


15. Faxing the ATO

Fax confidential documents to the ATO for tax purposes, insolvency claims, superannuation, licenses and more.  

Faxaroo can support your sending requirements by providing an easy-to-use, pay-as-you-go online fax service to ensure your documents are securely sent to the ATO and received on time, every time.

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16. Sending a Fax to Centrelink

Fax confidential documents to Centrelink for payment claims, Medicare applications, child support queries and more.  Faxaroo is compatible with any device, including your mobile phone, tablet and desktop computer, allowing you to send a fax to Centrelink from the comfort of your own home, office or while on-the-go.

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Send Your Documents Securely with Faxaroo

These days, scams and data theft are lurking around every corner, making it a real challenge to keep your information safe. So, here's what you can do; use online fax services like Faxaroo. Plus, aside from avoiding data theft risks, it speeds up the whole process. Whether it's financial forms, government paperwork, or insurance claims, Faxaroo ensures your documents reach their destination on time, giving you the peace of mind you need.

Secure. Reliable. Easy-to-use.