Best Faxing Aternatives to the Australia Post FaxPost Service

Where Can I Fax in Australia?

Need to send a fax? Unsure of your options? There are many locations in Australia that provide individuals with a faxing service. Places like Officeworks and your local library may be able to assist with an old-fashioned physical fax machine, but what about Australia Post? If you live or work near a post office and search "fax near me" you might see Australia Post FaxPost Service as an option. Unfortunately faxing is no longer offered at your local post office. 

This is why we’ve created Faxaroo, an easy, pay-as-you-go online fax service, with no sign up required, you can send a fax online from the comfort of your own home; or anywhere you’d like. 


Let's explore faxing option in Australia and why online faxing is the best and easiest alternative for all your faxing needs.


Australia Post: FaxPost is no longer offered as a service.

Australia Post’s FaxPost service has been discontinued at your local post office. This service used to allow you to send documents through a fax machine at your local post office. You needed to provide the post office with the document/s you want to fax and the fax number of the recipient. When the service was available there were many advantages and disadvantages to using the service.



  • Australia Post Fax service was one of the largest retail networks with over 4,300 post offices across the country
  • They continue to be a trusted brand for communication methods in Australia


  • There are many rural towns in Australia. Some of these places didn't have access to a local Australia Post store.
  • Only selected stores across the country offered an Australia post faxing service, so you needed to call ahead of time to ensure you were able to send a fax.
  • It was expensive: Australia Post charged $5 for the first fax page and $1.25 per additional page for faxing in Australia. This price doubled for faxes sent overseas. For international fax, Australia Post charged $10 for the first page and $2.50 for each additional page for faxes sent.
  • It’s inconvenient and time consuming to travel to a physical store location
  • You may be hesitant to share sensitive information in a public setting while sending a fax from Australia Post. Online fax provides fax sending in the privacy of your own home on your own device.



You can send and receive faxes through Officeworks stores across Australia. You’ll need to provide Officeworks with the document/s you need to fax and the fax or mobile number you wish to fax to.


  • With only 167 stores Australia-wide, it’s difficult to find an Officeworks fax store near you
  • It’s expensive to fax outside your local area: Officeworks charges $1.85 per page for STD and $3.95 per page for sending a fax internationally
  • Sending a Officeworks fax to a mobile device costs $3.15 per page
  • Faxing from Officeworks raises concerns about the privacy and security of transmitted documents. People may be hesitant to share sensitive information in a public setting. Online fax allows for fax sending in the privacy of your own home on your own device.

While Officeworks provide fax services through their physical stores, the limitations in accessibility, higher costs, and potential privacy concerns may prompt users to explore more convenient and cost-effective alternatives, particularly online fax apps that offer one-time fax services such as Faxaroo.  


Online Faxing Alternative

There are many advantages and disadvantages to sending a fax through the options outlined above. However, if you’re in a hurry and need to send a fax, on a budget and unsure if you’d make it to a physical location to send a fax, online faxing is an alternative that allows you to fax from anywhere, at any time and at your own convenience.

Sending a fax online is a low-cost alternative to using a physical fax machine, costing just AUD $2 for the first page and AUD $1 for each additional page. Our pay-as-you-go payment option means you don’t need to sign up or create an account and you only pay for the pages you send.

You wont need to search for a 'fax service near me' again now that you know your options. Choose between Faxaroo and Officeworks fax services. Start sending your faxes with the best online fax service in Australia: Faxaroo


Compare One-time Fax Services in Australia





167 stores nationwide 

Online 24/7

Cost - Domestic (Within Australia) 

Officeworks fax service cost - $1.85 per page (STD) 

$2 for the first page, $1 per additional page 

Cost - International 

Officeworks fax service cost - $3.95 per page

$2 for the first page, $1.50 per additional page 


Requires travel to a physical store 


Anywhere and anytime with an internet connection 


Fax from Anywhere in Australia

Fax from Brisbane

Fax from Sydney

Fax from Melbourne

Fax from Adelaide

Fax from Perth


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