Top 5 Reasons to Ditch the Fax Machine and Go Paperless

1. Save the trees

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) says that one-third of the Earth’s landmass is covered in green forests. However, over 177,000 square kilometers of forests are lost every year, which is equivalent to 50 football fields every minute.

By ditching the fax machine and using Faxaroo to send a fax, you’re not only saving money, but you’re also saving the trees and the animals that are killed due to deforestation.

2. Save the animals

The Australian Federal Government’s 2016 State of the Environment Report found that Australia has lost nearly 50% of our forests, which has released billions of tonnes of carbon. 
Deforestation impacts both plants and animals, with the WWF estimating around 75 million animals are killed each year. Currently, there are 1,000 animal and plant species at risk of extinction due to deforestation – even one of Australia’s most iconic native animals, the koala!  What did they ever do to you except be super cute?

3. Reduce waste

A 2016 Staples report says that copy paper remains the largest component of solid waste generated by offices in Australia, with an estimated 254,000 tonnes of paper waste ending up in landfill every year. That weighs more than 50,800 ambulance vehicles!

Australians also throw away more than 18 million ink cartridges every year, which leads to 5,000 tonnes of non-biodegradable waste.

4. Reduce air pollution

The pulp and paper industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters. A 2009 sustainability article found that every 1 tonne of paper produced requires 4 trees and emits more than 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide (C02). Paper disposed to landfill is also a substantial contributor to methane gas, which has a global warming potential 21 times more damaging than C02. 
To put this into perspective, the average household emits approximately 15 tonnes of C02 emissions every year. In 2016, Australian paper mills produced 1.4 million tons of paper, that’s 2.1 million tons of carbon dioxide being emitted that year, the same as 140,000 homes.

5. Save water

A report on the Environment Paper Network says that making just one A4 sheet of paper uses as much as 20 liters of water. That means that making just one tonne of paper uses over 90,000 liters of water, which is equivalent to two Olympic swimming pools! By going paperless, you help conserve water in our already drying planet.



Start Faxing the Right Way, Without Paper

Now that you’ve read through this blog, we hope we’ve convinced you to ditch the fax machine and go paperless. Whenever you need to send a fax, you can jump online on any device and send a fax through Faxaroo’s secure self-service portal. No paper, no water, no pollution. Just good ol’ fax technology. Try it out today.

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