Pay-as-you-go online faxing – the easiest way to send a fax from your computer!

No accounts needed – pay only for the pages you send. It’s as easy as uploading your fax document to our self service portal using your computer and we’ll handle the rest.

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Benefits of sending a fax from your computer

Faxaroo’s easy-to-use online fax service makes it easy for you to send a secure fax straight
from your living room. Avoid lengthy queues at your local Officeworks or Australia Post store
and send a fax from your computer today.

mobile-international-fax-sendingSend a fax from your computer internationally
Not only can you send a fax from your computer to any fax numbers within Australia, but you can also send a fax internationally to multiple destinations around the world. Faxaroo currently supports sending a fax from your computer to fax numbers across Australia, the United States, Canada, Germany and Japan.

Supports-multiple-fax-document-formatsSupports multiple fax document formats
Faxaroo supports PDF, PNG, GIF and JPEG file formats, providing you with multiple options when sending a fax from your computer. Simply upload your document to Faxaroo’s self-service portal or use our simple drop-and-drag function and we’ll take care of the rest.

Phone cameraSuperior security for faxing sensitive data
When sending a fax from your computer using Faxaroo, you gain peace of mind knowing your documents are always secure. All faxes are processed locally over TLS encryption and are securely deleted immediately after transmission.

Secure-and-reliable-online-faxingExceptional reliability with no busy signals
Faxaroo provides superior reliability for every fax sent from your computer. Traditional fax machines are slow and may take upwards of 5 minutes to send a fax, especially if the line is busy. Take advantage of instant faxing from your computer with Faxaroo and receive email verification of successful fax delivery.

Browser-based-online-faxingBrowser-based with no software installations or downloads
Start using Faxaroo straight away. Faxaroo’s easy-to-use self service portal runs on an internet browser, with no need for you to download or install any additional software to your computer. Have your document uploaded and faxed within minutes.

Android-iPhoneSupport the environment by using your computer
By sending a fax from your computer, you’re reducing your carbon footprint. As Faxaroo is a 100% paperless online faxing solution, no paper, ink, toner or greenhouse gas emissions are used and produced when sending a fax, so you know you’re doing your part in supporting the environment.

Pay as you go

faxaroo Pay as you go


for the first page

and $1 for each additional page sent to Australian fax numbers.

Terms & conditions: Please note all pricing is in AUD and inclusive of GST. If your fax fails to send, you will be refunded the amount minus a non-refundable fee of 0.25c + 1.9%.

faxaroo Pay as you go

Types of documents you can fax using Faxaroo

Doc TypesHome Loan


Doc TypesPet Registration


Doc TypesInvoices

Doc TypesCentrelink


Doc TypesGovernment


Doc TypesOverseas


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How do I send a fax from my computer?

Sending a fax from your computer with Faxaroo is easy! Simply upload your document (.pdf, .jpeg, .png, .gif) stored on your computer, enter the destination number (including the area code), select your payment method and we handle the rest.

A confirmation of the fax submission will be sent to you via email, followed by a status update whether or not the fax was successful or unsuccessful.

Can I receive a fax to my computer?

Unfortunately, Faxaroo currently only allows you to send faxes. If you’re looking for a fax receive service, we recommend using

Is my device compatible?

Faxaroo is compatible with all internet-enabled devices including your computer, PC, tablet, and Android™ and iPhone® mobile devices.

Can I upload different file types from my computer?

Faxaroo currently supports the sending of .pdf, .png, .jpeg and .gif files. We are currently actively working towards supporting Microsoft Office file types. Once you a ready to send a fax, click on “select document” to access files stored on your computer. Select the photo or document saved on your computer and Faxaroo will convert the file into a fax when you hit send.

How many documents can I fax from my computer?

Faxaroo supports a maximum of 500 pages per fax send. This includes 500 .pdf, .png, .gif or .jpeg files. Although this is the case, you can fax as many documents from your computer that you require within these limits.

How do I know the fax has sent successfully?

You will receive a fax status update if the fax has either been successful or unsuccessful.

What happens if a fax fails?

If the fax fails, you will be issued a refund to the nominated debit/ credit card minus a non-refundable transaction fee of 0.25c + 1.9%.

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